Education | Georgetown University, George Washington University-Landscape Design

Kristina Kent’s innate love of the natural world and desire to have it reflect in her gardens is what motivated her to develop her passion into a business. Stylized on the practices of an English gardener, Kristina is a gardener first and a garden designer second. In other words, she starts her work physically inside the garden by assessing and rehabilitating the plant stock and structure. Once she understands the bones of the garden, she develops a design to be implemented and then a plan for maintenance once installed. A background in the  decorative arts and design have crafted her ability to understand proportion and balance that is translated within the gardens she creates.  “I find many gardens need to be tethered to something, grounded.” 

Kristina gardens all year long, “I especially love gardens in the winter as I can see the plant architecture best in its stark beauty. I do not cut my perennials at the end of the season as they offer gorgeous forms and structure throughout the winter.”